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Even though we live in a society dominated by technology, your privacy is still just as important as it ever was. But are you taking enough action to make sure your private information isn't being leaked online? 

Today's world is completely different from even five years ago. While many places could have access to your private information, today's mainstream digital realm can make that data accessible to almost anyone. Here's how to protect yourself:

Review Your Privacy Settings

This is a no brainer. Just as you could control your privacy settings on the social media platforms of yesteryear, it is important to make sure you are familiar with and understand your privacy settings on your communication devices, especially your HUDset. There are three main settings, with options to customize each to suit your needs.

Public: This means your HUDset and all of your basic information is public knowledge to anybody you cross paths with. Depending on what information you have inputted onto your device, you could make it easier for individuals to find answers to your security questions. Please note: Your HUDset is automatically set to the public setting and should be changed upon having it installed. Your medical professional should be able to help you with this at the time of installation.

Friends of Friends: If you don't want just anyone to know your information, but you would still like to be open-minded or social, this is probably the setting for you. Your information will be seen by your friends as well as any of their friends. At this level, you are also able to customize specifically what information you allow certain people to see.

Private: This is a recommended setting for anyone who only wants to share information with people they've selected. While others can request to access more of your profile, you have to manually approve who can see it. Future Agents especially recommends this for younger users of the HUDset.

Keep Your Software and OS Up To Date

Always update your technology immediately when there is a software update. These updates can provide security patches for any bugs that might allow hackers to have access to your information. The HUDset has the option to automatically install updates weekly while you sleep.

Frequently Change Your Passwords

You never know who might be watching. It is never a bad idea to change your passwords every few months to ensure that nobody has access to your accounts. Also, we know it can be hard to remember passwords for many different websites, but it is always safer to have different passwords for different accounts. Afraid someone might still be able to access your password keychain? Try writing them down on paper rather than putting them on the cloud.

Don't Use Public Computers

Due to the laws enacted in 2025, public computers must be able to record all information inputted by all users, including their ID information. Don't take the risk of having your information stolen because it's now easier than ever. Only use a public computer if you are unable to use a personal one.

If you are unsure if something you see in the digital realm is safe or not, trust your initial gut instinct and take precautions. If you believe something seems to be suspicious, don't be afraid to contact us. We will investigate.

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